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Magical Girl Maniac

I got a lift home from a friend tonight and we talked about how amazing women’s underwear is compared to men’s, and in that moment I swear I was talking to tumblr user turntechdickhead.

Except my friend is a furry. :P

  1. when-rabbits-fly reblogged this from turntechdickhead and added:
    Good! I was hoping you’d be happy about it.
  2. donforente said: crazy talk. Boxers are absolutely amazing!
  3. lithura said: you and jordan don’t know shit. boxer briefs are where it’s at
  4. turntechdickhead reblogged this from when-rabbits-fly and added:
    im glad im at the forefront of someones mind while discussing womens underwear thats really the legacy i want to leave...